Fill Out the Survey – Please! + Sam Cooke

I promised a link to my Harry’s Music post on Sam Cooke, but when I looked it up I discovered the video I attached was no longer there, so I’ll put a new one down below instead.

By the way, Harry’s Music is the weblog I created to go along with my first HILR study group. I haven’t posted there much since starting work on the Diaspora course, but I hope you’ll stop by and wander around. Some of the writing still holds up, and while some of the videos have vanished, enough are still there to make your visit worthwhile.

Not much to add to today’s class – just a reminder to please fill out the survey – if you have any suggestions for the last week that’s a good place to put them.

So here’s Sam Cooke, with what has become his most famous song: A Change is Gonna Come. We heard a lot of it during the Obama campaign in 2008, and it was much-played as a civil rights anthem. Perhaps it’s also a hint of the direction Cooke’s music might have taken had he lived. Please enjoy!


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