Week 1

Emmett J. Scott, Letters of Negro Migrants of 1916-1918. Journal of Negro History, Vol. 4, No. 3, (July 1919). pp. 290-340

Week 2

Louis Adamic, “The Hill-Billies Come to Detroit”. The Nation, February 13, 1935

Albert N. Votaw, “The Hillbillies Invade Chicago”. Harper’s Magazine, February 1958.

Life Magazine, July 5, 1943

NY Times Article on Jacob Lawrence

Week 3

William Attaway, Blood on the Forge (pp. 43-62)

The Sweet Trials

Week 4

Marita Bonner – One True Love

Week 5

Chicago Defender – October 1, 1927

Roi Ottley, New World A-Coming. Chapter XIV, “Joe Louis and His People,” pp. 186-203

Week 6

John Steinbeck, The Harvest Gypsies

Steinbeck Article 3

Steinbeck Article 6

Steinbeck Article 7

Donald Janson, 30,000 Hill People Now Cluster in Chicago, New York Times, August 27, 1963

Willie Morris, North From Home, pp. 376-383

Week 7

Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory, pp. 209-233.

Week 8

Robert Darden, People Get Ready, pp. 196-221

Week 9

Robert Marsden, Fundamentalism and American Culture, pp. 236-247

Daniel K. Williams, God’s Own Party. “The Emergence of the Fundamentalist Right,” pp. 33-48

Week 10

Roi Ottley, New World A-Coming, pp.289-305

Executive Order 8802

Week 11

Dan Carter, The Politics of Rage, pp.344-351 (stop at “No one”)

Bill Malone, Don’t Get Above Your Raisin’: Country Music and the Southern Working Class. pp.238 (at “After 1958”)-252.

Peterson and DiMaggio, From Region to Class, the Changing Locus of Country Music: A Test of the Massification Hypothesis.


Darren Dochuk, From Bible Belt to Sun Belt, pp.6-26

Week 12

Economy Changes Migration Patterns, NYT 10/28/11

For New Life, Blacks in City Head to South, NY Times, 6/21/11

Richard Wright, Black Boy, pp. 254 to middle of 267.

Lyrics to “Tennessee” – by Arrested Development

Ralph Ellison New York 1936


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